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Atlantis, A Timeless Mystery

Myths about civilization of Atlantis was first coined by an ancient Greek philosophy named Plato (427 to 347 BC) in the book Critias and Timaeus

In Plato's Timaeus book tells us that before the Mainstay Haigelisi strait, there is a very large island, from there you can go to another island,
in front of the islands is completely surrounded by land sea ocean, it is the kingdom of Atlantis. When the new Atlantis to launch a big war with Athens, but Atlantis unexpected sudden onset of earthquakes and floods, not until one night, completely submerged under the sea, a large country that exceeds a high civilization, vanished overnight.

In other parts of the book is the younger cousin Critias of Critias tells the story of Atlantis. Critias was a pupil of the philosopher Socrates, three times he emphasizes the presence of Atlantis in the dialogue. The story comes from oral stories of ancestors Joepe Critias men, while Joepe also heard from a Greek poet named Solon (639-559 BC).
Solon was the wisest among the ancient Greeks 7 mahabijak, a time when Solon around Egypt, from a place of worship ancestral graves to know the legend of Atlantis.

An outline of the story in the book There is a huge continent in the Atlantic Ocean west of the Mediterranean so far, is proud of the remarkable civilization. He produced gold and silver innumerable. The palace is surrounded by walls lined with gold and silver walls. Masonry walls in the palace bertahtakan gold, brilliant and magnificent. There, the level of development of
civilization, amazing people. Having ports and ships with perfect equipment, there are also things that could bring the fly. Power is not only limited in Europe, even reaching as far as the mainland of Africa. After the devastating earthquake,
Drown it to the seabed and its civilization, is also lost in people's memories.

If read from a piece of the story above, we would think that Atlantis was a civilization that is very fascinating. With science and technology at that time was to make it a great nation and have a prosperous life.
But then I have a question, whether it is merely a bedtime story to the era of Plato or Plato have bukti2 it a strong and authentic that it was Atlantis was ever present in life on this earth?

There are a few notes about the scientists and business people in the quest to prove that Atlantis really existed.

According to the calculation of the sinking version of Plato's time the kingdom of Atlantis, about 11,150 years ago. Plato has several times said, it tells the kingdom of Atlantis down through the generations. Hardly rekaannya own. Plato went to Egypt and even get directions famous monk and monks local time. Socrates, Plato the teacher when he talked about the kingdom of Atlantis also stressed, because it is real, worth far more powerful than fabricated stories.

If all expressed Plato really real, then since 12,000 years ago, human civilization has created. But where is the kingdom of Atlantis? Since thousands of years ago the people are interested very much against this. Until the 20th century since 1960, Bermuda sea located in the western Atlantic Ocean, the islands of the Bahamas, and the sea around the islands of Florida has found a row that shook the world wonders.

One day in 1968, around the Bimini Islands Atlantic Ocean at the mansions of the Bahamas Islands, the sea calm and clear like a glass of bright, transparent to the seabed. Some of the divers on the way back to the islands of Bimini, a sudden there was a scream in surprise. At the bottom of the sea there is a great way! Some divers simultaneously plunged downward, there was a big road stretches composed of huge stones. It is a major road built with rectangular stones and polygons, the rock size
and thickness is not the same, but its composition is very neat, konturnya brilliant. Is this a postal road kingdom of Atlantis?

Early '70s around Yasuel Atlantic Ocean archipelago, a group of researchers has taken the core of rock by drilling at a depth of 800 meters on the seabed, the scientific expression, the place was really a land of 12,000 years ago. Conclusions drawn on the basis of science technology, so similar as described Plato! However, if this where the sinking of the kingdom of Atlantis?

In 1974, a marine vessel Soviet Union observers have made the 8 sheets of photo if abstracted to form a masterpiece of ancient buildings humans. Was this built by the people of Atlantis?

In 1979, the American and French scientists with a device that is very sophisticated instruments to find the pyramid on the seabed "triangle of death" Bermuda sea.
The length of the pyramid more than 300 meters, height about 200 feet, top of the pyramid with the ocean surface to within 100 meters, higher than the pyramids of Egypt. The bottom of the pyramid there are two giant holes, sea water with amazing speed flows in the bottom of the hole.
This great pyramid, whether built by the people of Atlantis? Atlanta royal army had conquered Egypt, whether the person bringing civilization of Atlantis to the pyramids of Egypt? American continent there is also a pyramid, whether derived from Egypt or from the kingdom of Atlantis?

In 1985, two Norwegian sailors discovered an ancient city beneath the sea area "triangle of death". In photographs made by them both, there are plains, roads
and large horizontal and vertical tunnel, dome-roofed house, arena complaint (animals), temples, etc. riverbanks. They both say absolutely believe in what they found was a continent of Atlantis as described by Plato. Was that true?

Even more scandalous is another study by Aryso Santos, a Brazilian scientist. Santos stressed that Atlantis was the region currently called Indonesia.
In his research for 30 years is written in a book "Atlantis, The Lost Continent Finally Found, The Definitifve Localization of Plato's Lost Civilization" he displays the 33 comparisons, such as area, weather , natural resources, volcanoes, and the way of farming, which ultimately concluded that Atlantis is Indonesia. System terasisasi Indonesian-style rice, he says, is the form adopted by the Borobudur Temple, Pyramids in Egypt, and ancient buildings Aztecs in Mexico.

Santos set in the past that Atlantis was a continent that stretches from southern India, Sri Lanka, Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan, continued eastward to Indonesia (now) as its center. In the region there are dozens of active volcanoes and surrounded by ocean which is one called Orientale, consisting of the Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean.

Meanwhile, according to Plato Atlantis was a continent destroyed by the eruption of volcanoes erupting simultaneously. At that time most of the world was covered by layers of ice (Pleistocene era). With the outbreak of dozens of the same volcano that most of Indonesia is located in the region (first), then some of the continent and Drown covered by the water comes from melting ice. Among the eruption in South India Meru and Mount Semeru / Sumeru / Mahameru in East Java. Then a volcanic eruption in Sumatra which formed Lake Toba to the island Somasir, which is a mountain peak that erupted at that time. The most powerful eruption in the future is a mountain of Krakatoa (Krakatoa), which broke part of Sumatra and Java, and others and formed a plateau Sunda Strait.

Santos is different from Plato about the location of Atlantis. Brazil's scientists argue, that at the time of the eruption of the volcano, causing the ice to melt and flow into the ocean so that the extent of increase. Water and mud came from the ashes of the volcano and the ocean bottom burden, resulting in tremendous pressure to the skin of the earth on the ocean floor, especially in continental coast. This pressure resulted in an earthquake. The earthquake was reinforced by the mountains that erupt and then in quick succession and led to a massive tsunami waves. Santos called Heinrich Events.

In an attempt to base an opinion to the history of the world, looking Plato had made two mistakes, first of shape / position of the earth which he said flatly. Second, the location of Atlantis is said to be in the Atlantic Ocean by Santos opposed. United States military research on the Atlantic proved to be able to find traces of the lost continent. It is not arbitrary is proverb that says, "Amicus Plato, sed magical amica veritas." Means, "I am pleased to Plato, but I prefer the truth."

However, there are circumstances present that between Plato and Santos agreed. Namely first, that the location of the submerged continent of Atlantis and it was confirmed by Santos as the territory of the Republic of Indonesia. Second, the number or length of the chain of volcanoes in Indonesia. Of these is Kerinci, Talang, Krakatoa, Malabar, Galunggung, Pangrango, Merapi, Merbapu, Semeru, Bromo, the Great, Rinjani. Some of the mountain has been or is active again.

This is again a more unique from Santos and his colleagues about the effort to uncover the mystery of Atlantis. Western scholars by chance to find someone who can remember back to himself as Atlantis in a past life "Inggrid Benette". Some piece of life and social conditions in his memory still made an impression, as inputs in order to feel clearly the high civilization of Atlantis. And the most important is to give us some clues about why Atlantis disappeared. Below is the memory Inggrid Bennette.

Filled with life Intelligence
In previous lives in Atlantis, I was a knowledgeable, promoted as energy chief women "Crystal Shield" (equivalent to an electricity generating plant head now). This energy center is located in a large room arched building. The floor of sand and stone walls, in the middle of the room a giant crystal placed on a black base mat. Its function is to channel energy into the entire city. My job is to protect the crystal. This work is not the same as the factory is now operational system, but with firmness in maintaining heart, understand his own soul, is an important part of the job, this is an installation that is controlled by the soul. There's a smart man and smart, she is a "protector" we, other protective women.

My hair long, golden, hair bun with gold knit body, just like the Greek era. Hair piled high, with crooked fall bergerai rolls on the back. Every day my hair styled by a professional hair stylist, this is part of routine work. Philosophy of Atlantis is believed that "the body is a temple of the soul", therefore, very concerned about cleanliness of the body and how to dress, this is the main thing in life. I wear a long shirt of invisibility, using gold leaf ribbon tied at the waist back after crossed over his chest. The man dressed in long skirts too short skirts, some people wore hats, some not, all made with the same translucent white. Such as uniforms, but in those days, not at all distinguished, wearing only show a status, a symbol of maturity of our soul. There is also wearing another color, clear but from the same material, they wore colorful clothes because it aims to treatment. Great relationship with the imbalance in the body's energy centers, a specific color treatment function.

Communicating with Animals
I often go to listen to the advice of dolphins. The dolphins live in a place specially built for them. A large area of beautiful lakes, giant steps that have penetrated into the middle of the lake. Pillars of the two sides of the steps is a magnificent pole, while the lake area is connected with the sea through a large canal. In the afternoon the dolphin swim there, playing games, after nightfall returned to the ocean. Dolphins loose, indicating it is a very special place. Dolphin was a close friend and advisor to us. They are very smart, and is a source of balance and harmony of our society. Only a few people go to listen to the language dolphin intellect. I often swim with them, stroking them, playing with them, and listen to their advice. We often exchange thoughts through telepathy. Their energy made me give vitality and strength. I can stroll the heart suit, for example if I want to go to the meadow area far away, I closed my eyes and concentrate on the place. There will be a vote "wuung" a light, I opened my eyes, so I was already in place.

I most liked along with the Unicorn (horse fly). They are like a horse eating grass in the wilderness. Unicorns have a horn on his head, just like dolphins, contact us through telepathic relationship. In relative terms, very innocent Unicorn mind. We often exchange views, for example, "I want to run fast". Unicorn will answer: "OK". We ran together, our hair flying in the wind. Their soul so calm, peaceful command respect. Unicorn never hurt anyone, let alone have bad thoughts or intentions, even when meeting the challenge will remain so.

I often feel sad at the present time, because do not believe in the existence of this animal, there is a spirit builder told me: "When the state of the world back in balance and harmony, of all people accept each other, love each other, then the Unicorn will back ".

Indah Permai environment
in northeast Atlantis is a plot of meadow very broad. This prairie spreading the soft scent, and I like to sit in meditation there. The aroma was so warm. Purpose of fresh flowers so much, it is widely planted. For example, blue flowers and planted with white, it's very tempting not only visually, is necessary for the effectiveness of vibration. This meadow looked after by people who have special training and high quality and rich knowledge. "Expert potion" start taking care of them since the shoot, then pick and extract the quintessence of life.

In the working environment in Atlantis, which plays a rare low. As low as any job, still regarded as important members of our society. Society accustomed to the respect and praise the ability of others. Who grow fruits, vegetables, and growers nuts also live in the northeast. Most of the botanists, nutritionists and other food experts. They are responsible for providing food for the whole of our civilization.

Most people defined as physical labor, such as gardeners and builders. It will make their body conditions remain stable. A small portion of their intelligence, work arrangements tailored to the level of their intelligence development. Atlantis people think, that the physical work is more useful, it makes emotions (feelings) they get a balance, angry and depressed mood can be directed at constructively, besides the human body is born to a physical work, it has been proven. However, there are always exceptions, such as feminine men or vice versa, in the end, smart people will lead these people to work in accordance with their conditions. Everyone will go to the intelligence, acting as his own character, all of this is the most basic things.

The whole life of Atlantis is the set of unbound harmony universal to plants, minerals, animals and vegetables. Every person is a particle part, everyone knows, that their devotion is needed. In Atlantis no financial system, there are only trading activity. We never carry a wallet or keys and the like. Rarely have greed or envy, only determination.

High Technology
In Atlantis there was a model flying facilities like "flying saucers" (UFOs), they use magnetic energy to control the rotation and landing, this type of connection means used to travel long distances. Travel only short distances using a pulley which can be boarded by two men. He has a similar machine like Hydrofoil boats, the principle of cooperation with flying equipment, also use magnetic energy fields. Others such as food, household commodities or goods that are large, transported in the same manner using a large transport called "Subbers."

Atlantis is a great civilization, we communicate using the ship to broadcast news to the various regions. Most of the information received by the "smart people" through the inner response, they have the ability to accept a special way, is similar to the satellite receiver stations, and very accurate. Thus, their job is to sit down and receive the information transmitted from other places. Actually, in the job, the way I operate a large crystal, is also done through the liver.

Treatment of Advanced
In this civilization, there is no severe disease. Treatment method used, all using the crystal, color, music, scents and alloy ingredient, with developing the overall treatment effectiveness.

Treatment center is a place that many of her room. When patients come in, a color will be recorded on the wall. Then the patient is directed to a special room to determine treatment. In the first room, a well-trained assistants and knowledgeable about treatment will detect the frequency of vibration in the patient's body. Information transferred to another room. In the room, the patient will lie on a flat granite, while the other assistants will arrange for appropriate treatment plan for patients.

After that, the room will be filled with music therapy, special crystals will be placed on the patient. The whole room is filled with a gentle fragrance, last would seem a color. Furthermore, patients were asked thoughtfully, so that the treatment of energy absorbed into the body. Thus, all the senses that there will be healthy again, "color" to cure the senses of sight, "the smell of the plants' healing sense of smell," sweet music "to heal the sense of hearing, and final," pure water "to cure your sense of taste. When meditation is finished, to drink water from the tube. Energy is very large, like a shaft of light, illuminating the body from top to bottom. As the whole body are met. Treatment techniques are always associated with "magnetic field" and "solar energy", as well as a physical medicine and psychology.

Child Education Tight
When the baby is still in the womb, has given voice, musical intelligence and guidance in those days. During the womb, "smart people" will provide guidance to the parents of the prospective child. Since the baby is born, parents care for and educate him at home, loved and loving their children. In the afternoon, the children will be left in daycare, listening to music in there, see the vibrant colors and stories related to how positive thinking and philosophical themed stories.

Children's education center, there are in every place. Children are taught to be a living creature who has perfect intelligence. Learning opens the mind, body and spirit so that they can work together. In the stage of child development, smart people hold a very large role, educators have a respectable position in society of Atlantis, usually only be obtained when reaching the age of 60-120 years, depending on the growth of intelligence. And a coveted job everyone.

In all areas, each person received education from the age of 3 years. They receive education in the storied building. In front of the school building is a symbol of the rainbow, the rainbow is a symbol of guidance center. The main lesson is to hear and see. The students relaxed lying or sitting, so that the vertebrae do not experience stress. The other method is a thoughtful, eyes covered with eye shields, eye shields displayed in a variety of colors. On reflection conditions, this visualization method is very effective. Was also given the same tape of the unconscious. When the body and brain in a relaxed state, the knowledge flowing into the memory part of the brain. This is one method of learning the most effective, because he had closed all channels of information that can distract. "People smart" guiding the student, depending on the level of the children's ability to absorb, and make it easier to see a particular talent they have. In this way, every child has equal opportunity to develop their potential.

Positive forward thinking and the frequency of vibration is a key element in the learning and improve / encourage an open heart insight. The higher level of vibration frequency on the brain, the frequency of vibration at the higher soul. The more positive awareness of the inherent, and increasingly reflects the awareness and consciousness of extrinsic latent. When the two match, will open the world in a positive perspective: If the two do not match, then people will drift to the greed and power. For the people of Atlantis, the power to control another person thinks is the way of life that no civilized, and it is not justified.

In our history books, we never feel safe and calm. The character of our ancestors who are still uncivilized affect our society at that time. For example, selecting animals for experiments. But with hard intelligence rules prohibit interfering with the lives of others. Although we know there are risks, but we should not coerce or punish others, because each person will be responsible for their own development sanubarinya. In that community, a sense of insecurity is in order to gain security. This philosophy is very good, and highly respected people at that time, he is our protector.

Atlantis Hit doom
I'm not married. At that time, people do not have the bonds of marriage. If you intend to tie a person, it will carry out a binding ceremony. Binding is absolutely no legal effect or binding force, just based on mood. Atlantis sex life is very dynamic person to maintain health. I decided to live with him under the impression of sex, intelligence and attractiveness. In those days, sex is an important part of life, sex is as important as eating or sleeping. This is part of "the existence of life as a whole", and besides our physical bodies do not show our age, we are able to live to 200 years old.

There is also a man having sex with animals, or with half-human half-animal, for example, body of a human-headed horse. At that moment, the Atlantis could have a transplant intercross, for the harmony of man and animals in nature, but some people forget this, the starting point of their goal is to sex. People who consciously aware that this will cause an imbalance in our society, people are very worried and afraid of this, but no preventive action. This is very big with our beliefs, human beings have the freedom to choose, and one should not interfere with the growth of intelligence of others. People who choose animals as the main opponents, often lost his balance on his soul, and is considered immature.

Advanced technology is wrong
in my lifetime, we know that Atlantis has reached the end of death. Among us there are some people who know this, however, is that most people deliberately ignore, or not interested in this. Material elements have lost their balance. Highly advanced technology. For example, purified air pollution, air temperature is adjusted. Technological advances, until we began to change the composition of air and water. This final destruction of Atlantis.

Four main elements namely: wind, water, fire, and the soil is the most fundamental of our galaxy and the earth is, the base of the most stable material. Trying to integrate or alter these basic elements have violated the laws of nature. Scientists working and living in the western part of Atlantis, they "give in" to the greed for power and personal honor mean to "control" key element 4. Nature now know, this has resulted in total destruction. They thought themselves above others, they fantasize as a figure of God, wants to control the basic constituents of the star.

Toward Doomsday
Prophecy "Resurrection" has circulated widely, but only an intelligent person and who followed a spiritual path to know the cause. The end of our civilization is only caused by a few people! The prophecy says: "The earth will rise, the new Land will appear, all the people started fighting again. Only a handful of lucky people will be alive, they will spread to all corners of the new land, and the story of Atlantis will be a hereditary, we will return to the past ". Interesting lessons, dolphin ever told us today "Resurrection" will arrive, we know these moments getting closer, because it has two weeks did not meet the dolphins. They were told when we would go to a quiet place, and maintain a crystal ball, the dolphins can tell us to go safely to the west.

Many people left Atlantis to find new land. Some went down to Egypt, there is also ahead of "Resurrection" ship to leave Atlantis with the boat, to a new land that is not contained in the map. These lands are not part of our civilization, because it is not in our protection. Many who felt disappointed and left us, actively looking for an advanced and environmentally safe. Therefore, there is hardly Atlantis arrivals. However, after a handful of people to travel to the mainland of "strange", they returned safely. And the state of his country at least have told us the knowledge about life outside of Atlantis.

I chose to stay, ensuring energy crystals are not damaged anything, until the end. Crystals always supplying energy to the city. As recent weeks, the crystals covered by a protective transparent, made of special materials. Maybe someday, he will be found, and used once again for good intentions. When the crystal was found, he will prove the civilization of Atlantis, as well as uncover other mysteries not revealed for several centuries.

I still remember the day the longest, the last day, last minute, the earth aground, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, catastrophic fires. Earth's plates collide violently. Earth was destroyed, the people in the archway of crystal structure to be welcomed his arrival. My soul is calm. Hard to shake a building. I pulled one into the wall, we hugged each other. I hope to soon die. Thick smoke in the sky rolled, I saw the earth lava burst, red flames coloring the sky. Room in a house filled with smoke, we were very crowded. Then I fainted, then, I remember my spirit fly into the light. I looked down and seen the land was submerged. Turbulent sea water, swallowing everything. The men fled in all directions, if not swallowed by massive water must have fallen into the cauldron of fire. I hear the voice clearly screams. Earth like a giant pot of boiling water, like a hungry beast, biting and swallowing all of his quarry. Sea water had drowned the land.

Source Destruction
Through Benette Inggrid memory, note the level of technological development of Atlantis, was quite different from our present civilization, and even his experience will be materially different from modern science, otherwise similar to the science of ancient China, developed by other means. This civilization far beyond the current civilization. Heard it's like reading a fictional novel. Compare with the present, the ability of Atlantis soul of the nation are concerned, even a supernormal abilities, able to communicate with animals, which is now considered the smart and talented, fed a variety of knowledge, but ignore the power within.

Atlantis nations concerned "intelligence of the soul" and "body" to develop all the potential latent in the human body, it makes their civilization could thrive in the long term and the main cause of the imbalance caused no symptoms. About the extinction of the civilization of Atlantis, decent people ponder now. Plato described the destruction of Atlantis in the dialogue as follows:

"Law of the Sea Gods applied to make the people of Atlantis lived happily, the god of justice Sea have a high respect from all over the world, the rule of law engraved on a copper pole by the kings of the past, copper pole placed in the middle of the sea god temple of the island. But the people of Atlantis begin to corrupt, those who had worshiped false gods become greedy, wants a good life and refused to work with a spree of life and all luxury. "

Plato who were often unhappy about human nature says:
"The mind is pure glimpse slowly losing its color, and covered by a surge of lust demons, then the people of Atlantis who deserve to enjoy the great good fortune began to perform indecent acts, a wise person can see the character Atlantis nation increasingly declining, they are the natural virtues slowly lost, but lay people who were actually possessed by blind passion, can not distinguish right or wrong, is still happy, he thought all the gifts of God. "

The destruction of civilization caused by a few people, many who know why, but most people ignore them, then great kelongsoran arises, in morals and can not be helped. So few people make a mistake not so scary, scary is when most people "ignore errors", to "allow changes" then quietly "agreed to evil", can not distinguish right from wrong, how the nature of the errors resulted in gaps human, moral decline violent society, pushed civilization into a dead end.

We as modern people, it can be made a lesson of history as a mirror, contemplate the return of science we develop, who knows life only on the basis of an objective recognition of the real material world, and ignores the nature of life in the soul. The true meaning of life, gradually to meet the desires of business material, such as Atlantis scientist, few people submit to greed, not defend the truth, for power and glory, developing the wrong technology, environmental damage. Are we doing the same mistakes?

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