Sunday, May 2, 2010

Alien theory

Scientists submit reasons claimed aliens exist, violence

is true or not debate the existence of Flying Object Unknown (UFO), aliens and all the mysteries related to the incident earlier in the tepid hot again with recognition of the world's leading physicists, Stephen Hawking , that the alien is likely to exist.

Accompanying the recognition is surprising is the Hawking warned that people should avoid the possibility of encountering the alien alleged to inhabit other planets in space. This is because such encounters only invite consequences. In fact, scientists who spend most of his wheelchair and mathematics expert, also likened the effect of encounters with what happened when Christopher Columbus set foot on American soil is not a pleasant presence of indigenous people.

"If aliens visited us, the same result when Columbus landed in America, the indigenous people are not acceptable. We need to examine ourselves to see how more intelligent life may develop into something we do not want to see.

"Being of foreign advanced as might be nomadic, seeking territory and subject to whatever planet they come," Hawking said the Discovery Channel network.

Interviews for the series 'Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking' Discovery Channel aired in the United States on Sunday.
To defend his claim that, Hawking also relate to the mathematical theory.

"According to the theory, the number of digits or numbers enough to make thinking about the alien is a rational.However, the real challenge is what is alien, "he said, describing the concept of the existence of foreign life elsewhere in the universe can be accepted.

ALS is a statement, however, invite a different response to some scientists deny that view in public, criticize the pessimistic prediction of a clash with the alien. While some other researchers stand behind him, but gave similar predictions.

Physicists University of Manchester, UK, Professor Brian Cox, who described the evidence that the possible existence of life on Mars more real.

"We are only sure when the new spacecraft launched to the moon of Saturn and Mars in the decades to come," he said.

In fact, efforts to track aliens and UFO is made in the past few decades. In fact, many ways done to track the origin, nature, communication and civilization that may exist, including through radio waves. Many have been recording and disk space are also located in other radio telescope that sent many a mysterious code.

Scientists organizations such as Search For Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence or Seti, said he hoped the relationship will begin in the near future. In fact, one of the Seti project in 1977, achieved the success of Ohio University researchers, Dr. Jerry R. Ehman, 72 seconds to detect the signal in the form of assembly code numbers and letters that can be said to be derived from alien sources.

Documentary and creative film director, Jose Escamilla, who joins the ranks of the most famous UFO witnesses following a series of video recorded from 1994 to 1998, not many people believe that aliens who like to act violently.

"Based on my own experiences during the day to record UFO at Roswell, I can state clearly that as well as many types of people among us, there are probably also many types of aliens among us. There is no reason to Peugeot we have not visited or they do not make contact with us. As people, are evil, as well as aliens. No difference, "said Escamilla.

However, physicists are also skilled in the UFO question, Dr. Steven Greer, Hawking argued that the fact considers increase anxiety and fear of what is known as alien.

"As a scientist, he should know better. If a malicious alien, it is clear from our first detonated an atomic bomb in 1945 but until this day, the earth has never been invaded, attacked or occupied, "he said.

The question is, what is the rationale behind the negative view of ALS that this alien threat, and civilization more advanced than people today?

Conspiracies cosmic web manager, Dave Cosnette, which labels the site as a UFO Largest Database of Europe, claiming it was recorded findings and perspectives to the analysis of the convergence proof of the alien in the world.

"I agree Hawking that the alien species that may be a threat and may be more advanced than us. In fact, in many cases, people are relating to the injured alien. I remember one case in Brazil where a victim was killed brutally, dilapah skin and body parts removed using a laser, "he said.

Cosnette also believes that the diversity of alien life may have been enough for them to create various types of personalities.

"The research so far, I investigate more than 60 different alien species. It is difficult to imagine just a little and mostly prefer hostilities in the earth, "he said.

Historian at Temple University, David M Jacobs, known as a leading UFO experts in the world were fully agree with Hawking.

"With regard to the alien is not recommended and should be avoided altogether. All that I see during my career made me brave the development of human encounters with aliens could bring disaster to us all, "he said.

Jacobs said, a negative assessment about the relationship between humans and aliens under investigation regarding the kidnapping of hundreds of stories.

"I'm really grateful that Hawkings return to the subject of interest and attention, and there is nothing we can do to avoid a clash with the alien-based scientific community so long as it is silly," he said.

'Roswell proof of existence'

Talking about aliens and UFO stories, it's not valid without the associated events in Roswell, New Mexico, in July 1947.Accident involving a UFO, but not many know the details about it even though it is a strong evidence to convince the world hunting for UFO aliens really exist.

In such event, WW Brazel, leave early to check ternakannya after an overnight thunderstorm hit. He found many exceptional pieces scattered on the farm. Brazel took some pieces that showed it to friends and neighbors. Next he contacted the police officer George Wilcox.

Brazel found debris suspect might be linked to police operations, Wilcox told the authorities at Roswell Army Airport for assistance.

On July 8th, Roswell Daily Record newspaper publish news about the UFO that was found dead at a farm in the area.When asked, Major Jesse Marcel, who is involved in the discovery, told the dead had come from New Mexico to head office.

Commander of the Bomb Unit-59, Colonel William Blanchard, a press release stating that crashed UFO dead already found. Meanwhile, Ballard Funeral Centre has a contract to provide ambulance and funeral services for soldiers in Roswell. Glenn Dennis, who worked with the center, received several phone calls from the officials knew the news shortly before the discovery of carcasses of the aircraft.

Dennis asked about the small coffin and the proposal to preserve the body that has been exposed for several days. All that raises a question mark to Dennis who later visited the hospital and escorted into the building. The question was inspired to arrange a meeting with a nurse available during the autopsy conducted on a number of 'non-human bodies. "

Dennis also save the alien sketch drawn on the fabric of nurses on pengalas during their meeting. The last meeting was for both and Dennis to find out more information about the alien corpse that while nurses are transferred immediately to England in a few days.

On July 9, Roswell Daily Record reported that the aircraft was found dead at the JB Foster Farm. A few days later, all evidence of the accident was transferred immediately or suddenly disappear from the earth that cause suspicious that the government is secretly trying to hide it. Several years later, books, interviews and articles from some military personnel, involved in the incident, just add a suspicion about the government's efforts.

In 1979, Jesse Marcel is interviewed about his role in the search aircraft carcasses, said: "carcasses (UFO) that does not burn. It is made of lightweight material, very thin and can not be bent. We try to bend it with a hammer, but failed. "


  • Unidentified flying object that occurs almost worldwide. Witnesses who saw the object identified in the form of flying saucer spacecraft with various designs, some even claiming encounters with aliens.

  • It's the opinion part of the UFO incident is a recognized expert imagination as Space Administration and U.S. National Aeronautics (NASA) research in 1993 that stopped because 90 per cent think the UFO incident is not true.

  • In 2008, NASA plays a Beatles song, "Across the Universe" into outer space space to send a message of peace to any alien who is in the Polaris area, also known as the North Star.

  • United have Pioneer 10 and 11, which was launched in 1972 and 1973 brought a plaque of a naked man and woman and the symbol of the earth and sun.