Saturday, March 27, 2010

Mysteries: Lake Michigan

Bill Wangemann - Wisconsin historian, who spent ages collecting stories triangle Lake Michigan also recognizes the existence of the loss of the ship suddenly the mystery terlerai not until today. post author, Linda S Godfrey his book entitled ' Weird Michigan, 'strange story that began in the lake city of Ludington to Benton Harbor in Michigan and nearby areas.

However, the mystery does not end with the ship that sank just as the nearly 40 aircraft were also reported missing immediately across Lake Michigan.

The aircraft is most remembered many involving the Northwest 2501 departure from New York to Minneapolis in June 1950. However, it plunged into Lake Michigan near Benton Harbor and no one survived in such mishaps. Not long after, have claimed to see the plates involved in space flight.

In fact, there are many reports of foreign objects that look and aircraft 'ghost' or supernatural force until the Federal Aviation Administration to establish a special service at the lake to gather reports the presence of foreign objects in space. However, the report did not prevent thousands of trips made across the lake it. Captain Kevin Fitch who has been working with the Badger ferry sailing in the waters of Lake Michigan almost 30 years. "I heard about it, but I'm not so sure. I never saw something strange to thousands throughout the voyage across the lake. "He said." There are many different stories going on in there and who lost, lost sailors from the ship and some claim an unusual happened there, "he said. Bangkai yacht Rosa Belle and loss of 11 crew and passengers, had shocked the United States in 1921. It found a ferry on October 30 and floating in the reverse situation. Captain of the ferry said it saw Rosa Belle met with a ship other but crucially, nor any other notes about the ship collided in the week. And mysterious is happening to Rosa Belle never terungkai to the current. More unusual, the incident that befall Rosa Belle seems to have occurred.

A ship sank in the same area and float to shore near Grand Haven, Michigan, in August 1875. Ten crew members missing and found dead rebuilt. Among the most mysterious is the strange loss yacht Thomas Hume, who disappeared without effect in Lake Michigan on May 21, 1891 during the voyage from Chicago to Muskegon for the transport board. Seven sailors, including Captain George C Albrecht, lost with the ship. While the search is done around the lake, not even found a piece of board. Old sailor speculating that Hume, timber ships, will not go down without bangkainya floating. Until now, the loss of Hume is still mysterious.

Among the most famous is the story about the missing crew members include carriers, OM McFarland. In April 1937, Captain George Donnor heading to Port Washington, Wisconsin. "He decided to sleep in the cabin and gives directions for awakened at 6 pm. He then continued to kabinnya and lost. Partners was locked from inside and no one knows what happened to him until this day, "says Wangemann. There is also the story of passenger who claimed to see giant green. Whatever, the mystery that surround Lake Michigan still be something of interest to continue to follow.

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