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Satellite pictures of Japan Before and After Tsunami







Sendai Airport

Fukushima Nuclear Plant

Shaped Building Oyes Chair Seat

The concept of "Oyes Chair" designed by Dutch architects Hofman Dujardin. The building is 760m high and will become a new icon in the city of Cape Town, South Africa. It is a charitable project sponsored by dietiker, the company that produced the chairs and magazines AIT.
One hundred architectural and interior design all over Europe gathered to their seats baru.Kerusi-new seats will be displayed in a road show at the AIT-architecture Hamburg, Munich, North Rhine-Westphalia, Stuttgart and Rotterdam. The results of this auction chairs will be used to finance the construction of buildings in the city Oyes Chair Langa, Cape Town, South Africa.
The building with the name "Oyes Chair" itself will become the second tallest building in the world after Burj Dubai and the largest building in the world. Building area of ​​800,000 m2 the middle "seat" will be used as an icon of social housing which will become homeless shelters that do not have a place to live.
The center of the "chair" in which the real seat just enough to accommodate a maximum of two people but for the building may contain up to 50,000 people with an area of ​​800,000 m2.
Four legs "seat" of this building measures 25 x 30 m which will be in contact with the port city. With four legs "seat" of this building so far from 4 different locations that may be linked to the existence of a giant building ini.Tinggi leg "chair" this building is 460 m, respectively
Then 4 feet in size 25 x 35 m will be used as an apartment with a height reached 460m. In this building will be constructed, the Public Garden, a modern football field, cinemas, bars, restaurants, shops, offices and other.
Building Chair Oyes views of the ocean.
Building views Oyes chair at night.

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Golden Water Falls in Yosemite National Park

Looking at the waterfall may be quite common. However, what about the "golden waterfall"? This is a unique phenomenon that can be viewed at Horsetail Falls in Yosemite National Park, California.Air plunge in the Sierra Nevada mountains, west of Lake Tahoe, having a height of 2000 feet or about 600 meters.

"Golden waterfall" is basically a waterfall, but unique in that get exposed to the sun shining golden twilight. This event is very rare and only a few days in a year, usually in February, the sun will highlight a waterfall, creating an orange light like a wild fire hit.

Golden waterfall phenomenon can best be seen at 17:30 tempatan.Ketika time, the evening sun shone right on the rocks around the waterfall. That is where the miracle of nature occurred and created the illusion of nature. However, it is difficult to be seen because it is one of the most rare natural phenomenon can be seen.

Josh Anon, a San Francisco resident, managed to capture the phenomenon of "golden waterfall" it. "If the amount of water and the sky quite bright enough to get the evening sun, the sun will be there at the right angle to illuminate the water and make it shine like gold," he said.

He says, hard to get a chance to watch. "As the sun began to sink, water and shine a little yellow. Then, suddenly the water shines and looks like lava," said Josh Anon.

Yosemite National Park, which spans over 3,000 kilometers to attract 3.5 million tourists every tahunnya.Air jump gold is a gold jump pesonanya.Air can be reached by climbing to the north of the Twin Bridge route 50 in the U.S..
You might also l

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Atlantis, An Eternal Mystery

Myths about the civilization of Atlantis was first triggered by a philosophy of ancient Greece named Plato (427-347 BC) in the book Critias and Timaeus

In the book of Plato's Timaeus tells us that before the passage Mainstay Haigelisi, there is a very large island, from there you can go to other islands,
in front of the island is entirely surrounded by land sea ocean, it is the government of Atlantis. When the new Atlantis will launch a major war with Athens, but the unexpected Atlantis suddenly experienced an earthquake and flood, not until the day yesterday, totally submerged in the sea, beyond the great state of high civilization, vanished overnight.

Other parts of the book is the younger cousin of Critias Critias tells the story of Atlantis. Critias is the pupil of the philosopher Socrates, the three times he emphasizes the existence of Atlantis in the dialogue. The story comes from oral stories of the ancestors of Man Joepe Critias, while Joepe also heard from a Greek poet named Solon (639-559 BC).
Solon was the wisest of the seven mahabijak ancient Greece, a time when Solon around Egypt, from the worship of ancestral graves to know the legend of Atlantis.

Outline of the story in the book There's a giant continent on the Atlantic Ocean west sea, very much, which is proud of the remarkable civilization. It produces gold and silver are innumerable. Palace is surrounded by walls lined by a wall of gold and silver. Wall in the palace bertahtakan gold flag flying high. There, the level of development
civilization amaze people. Having the ports and ships complete with equipment, there are also things that can bring people to fly. Power is not only limited in Europe, even far away to the mainland of Africa. After a devastating earthquake struck,
tenggelamlah it to the seabed and its civilization, is lost in those memories.

If read from a piece of the story above, we would think that Atlantis was a civilization that is very spectacular. With the technology and knowledge at that time had made a great nation and a prosperous life.
But then I have a question, whether it was just a bedtime story for the time of Plato or Plato is a powerful and authentic bukti2 that atlantis was really never in this life on earth?

There are a few notes about the scientists and business people in the quest to prove that Atlantis was really never there.

According to the calculation of the sinking of the government's version of Plato's Atlantis, about 11,150 years ago. Plato has several times said, the state government told Atlantis hereditary. Definitely not the designs themselves. Plato even went to Egypt for instruction-known local lamas and monks at that time. Plato's teacher Socrates is when talking about Atlantis government also stressed, because it is real, its value is far more powerful than the story of the engineered.

If all the suggested Plato really significant, since 12,000 years ago, human civilization has created. But where the government is Atlantis?Since thousands of years ago, those who take an interest in a very big role in this matter. Until the 20th century since the 1960's, Bermuda sea located in the western Atlantic Ocean, the islands of the Bahamas, and the sea around the islands of Florida has found a miracle in a row that shook the world.

One day in 1968, around the Bimini Islands in the Atlantic Ocean island cluster of the Bahamas, the sea calm and clear like a glass of clear, see-through to the bottom of the sea. Some of the divers on the way back to the island of Bimini, there is suddenly startled scream. In the sea there is a great way! Some divers simultaneously diving to the bottom, there was a great way to present composed of a stone giant. It was a great road that was built using stone rectangles and polygons, the size of the stone
and the thickness is not the same, but the arrangement is very neat, excellent konturnya. What is the government's way of Atlantis is the mail?

Beginning in '70-an island Yasuel around the Atlantic Ocean, a group of researchers has taken a coral core drilled at a depth of 800 meters on the seabed, the scientific expression, the place was really a land of 12,000 years ago. Conclusions are drawn on the basis of technological knowledge, so much like that described Plato! However, the government here where the sinking of Atlantis?

In 1974, a sea scout ship of the Soviet Union has made eight photographs of the building if the abstracted form a masterpiece of ancient humans.What was built by the people of Atlantis?

In 1979, American and French scientists with a device so sophisticated instruments to find the pyramid on the seabed "triangle of death" Bermuda Sea.
The length of the pyramid more than 300 meters, approximately 200 meters high, the pyramid with the top surface of the ocean only 100 meters, higher than the Egyptian pyramids. The bottom of the pyramid there are two giant holes, the sea water with amazing speed in bottom hole flowing.
This great Pyramid, built by the people of Atlantis? Atlan government troops had conquered Egypt, the civilization of Atlantis brought to the Egyptian pyramids? There are also pyramids of the Americas, whether derived from Egypt or from the government of Atlantis?

In 1985, two Norwegian sailors discovered an ancient city under the sea area "triangle of death". In the photographs taken by them, no land, road
large vertical and horizontal well paths, dome-roofed house, court cases (animals), temples, river, etc.. They both said absolutely believe in what they find is the continent of Atlantis as described by Plato. Is it?

What is more horrendous is the research done by Aryso Santos, a Brazilian scientist origin. Santos stressed that Atlantis was an area that is now called Indonesia.
In his research for 30 years, written in a book "Atlantis, The Lost Continent Finally Found, The Definitifve Localization of Plato's Lost Civilization" he presented 33 comparisons, such as area, climate, natural resources, volcanoes, and how to farm, which eventually concludes that Atlantis is Indonesia. System of a special field terasisasi Indonesia, he said, was adopted by temples of Borobudur, the Pyramids in Egypt, the Aztecs and the ancient buildings in Mexico.

Santos states that the last time that Atlantis was a continent stretching from southern India, Sri Lanka, Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan, further to the east of Indonesia (now) as its center. In the region there are dozens of active volcanoes and is surrounded by oceans of fused known orientale, consisting of the Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean.

Meanwhile, according to Plato Atlantis was a continent is lost due to a volcanic eruption that broke out simultaneously. At that time most of the world was still covered in layers of ice (Pleistocene era). With the outbreak of the dozens of volcanoes at the same time that most are located in Indonesia (down), then tenggelamlah most continents and covered by the original water from the melting ice. Among these volcanic eruptions in India Meru and Mount Semeru Selatan / Sumeru / Mahameru in East Java. Then a volcanic eruption in Sumatra, which formed Lake Toba to the island Somasir, which is a mountain that erupted at that time. The most powerful eruption in the future is Krakatoa (Krakatoa), which breaks part of Sumatra and Java, and others plain and forms the Sunda Strait.

Santos is different from Plato about the location of Atlantis. Scientists argue that Brazil, that at the time of the eruption of many volcanoes, causing ice to melt and flow into the ocean so that the width increases.Water and mud came from the volcanic ash is the burden of the ocean and nature, resulting in tremendous pressure on the skin of the earth at the bottom of the ocean, especially in the coastal region. This pressure resulted in an earthquake. This earthquake was strengthened further by the mountains and then exploded in quick succession and cause a devastating tsunami. Santos called Heinrich Events.

In an effort to express an opinion based on the history of the world, look Plato has made two erroneous, first, the nature / position of the said flat earth. Second, the reported location of the continent of Atlantis in the Atlantic Ocean which is opposed by Santos. United States military research in the Atlantic region proved not to find traces of the lost continent. Therefore, it is suddenly there is a proverb that says, "amicus Plato, sed magical amica Veritas." That, "I am pleased to Plato, but I am more than happy to leave."

However, there are some conditions present that between Plato and Santos agreed. That first, that the location of the sunken continent of Atlantis and it was confirmed by Santos as the Republic of Indonesia.Second, the number or length of the chain of volcanoes in Indonesia.Among these are the Kerinci, Talang, Krakatoa, Malabar, Galunggung, Pangrango, Merapi, Merbabu, Semeru, Bromo, General, Rinjani. Most of the mountain has been or is active.

This is no longer a unique Santos and friends about efforts to reveal the mystery of Atlantis. Western scholars a chance to find someone who can recall him as the Atlantis in the previous life "Inggrid Benette." Some term life and social conditions in the memory is still an impression, as an input to be able to clearly feel the high civilization of Atlantis. And the important thing is to give us an indication as to why Atlantis was destroyed. Below is a memory Inggrid Bennette.

Life is Filled Intelligence
In a previous life in Atlantis, I was a knowledgeable, was promoted to head women's energy "Crystal Protector" (equivalent to a power plant head now). This energy center is located in a spacious curved roof of the building. The floor is of sand and stone walls, in the middle of a room of a giant crystal placed on a black pedestal base. Its function is to distribute energy throughout the city. My job is to protect the crystal. This work is not equal to the current plant operating system, but to maintain the strength of the heart, to understand life itself, is an important part in the work, this is an installation that is controlled by the soul. There was a man who is intelligent and smart, she is "protection" we, the other female guards.

My hair is long golden hair digelung with gold knitted things, just like the Greek era. Disanggul hair high, with crooked falls bergerai rolls on the back. Every day my hair styled by a hairdresser, this is the most routine work. Atlantis is believed to be the philosophy is that "the body is a temple of the soul", because it is considering how to clean and dress the body, this is the main thing in life. I wore long see-through, the leaves of gold ribbon tied around his waist back after disilang in front of the chest.Men dressed in long skirts too short skirts, some people wore hats, some not, all made with the same clear and white material. Such as uniforms, but at that time was not distinguished, wearing only show a status we symbolize the maturity of one's life. There is also a different color dress, but the nodes of the same material, they wear colored clothing because it seeks to cure. The relationship was a very large imbalance of body energy centers, specific color has the function of the treatment.

Communicating with Animals
I often go to listen to the advice of dolphins. Dolphins live in a place that was built specifically for them. A large area of ​​beautiful lakes, has a giant undakan penetrate into the middle of the lake. Pillar two sides undakan is a magnificent pile, while the lake area is connected with the sea through a large canal. On the day the dolphins swim in there, playing around, when the night comes back to the high seas. Dolphins are free to roam, indicating it is a very special place. Dolphins are our close friend and adviser. They are very smart, and a source of balance and harmony of our society. Few people go to listen to the intellectual language of dolphins. I often swim with them, stroking them, playing with them, and listen to their advice. We often exchange thoughts through telepathy.Their energy to make me full of vitality as well as give me strength. I can walk any way satisfied, for example if I want to go into the wilderness area is far away, I close my eyes and concentrate on the place. There will be a vote "wuung" the light, I opened my eyes, I was already in place.

I especially like with the Unicorn (horse flies). They are just like a horse eating grass in the desert. Unicorn has a horn on his head, just like dolphins, contact us via telepathy connection. In relative terms, mind Unicorn is very plain. We exchange ideas often are, for example, "I want to run fast." Unicorn will answer: "Yes." We ran together, the wind blew our hair flying. Their soul so calm, peaceful rise of respect. Unicorn never hurt anyone, let alone have a thought or malice, as though to meet the challenge will remain the same.

I often feel sad in the present age, why did not believe in the existence of this animal, there is a builder of people say to me: "Now when the condition of the world back in balance and harmony, of all people accept each other, love each other, when the Unicorn will return. "

Indah Permai environment
In the northeast there is a piece of Atlantis was a vast meadow. Grassland is spreading fragrance is soft, and I like to sit down to meditate there.Aroma is so warm. Use of fresh flowers very much, it is widely planted.For example, flowers of blue and white are planted together, not only visually very tempting, very important for the effectiveness of vibration.The grasslands are treated by those who receive special training and high quality and rich knowledge. "The ingredients" since the buds begin to treat them, then pick and extract the quintessence of life.

In the work environment at the Atlantis, there is seldom a primary positioning. As low as any job, still regarded as important members of our community. Society accustomed to respect and praise of the ability of other people. The planting of fruit, vegetables, and nuts investor types are also living in the northeast. Most of the botanists, nutritionists and other food experts. They are responsible for providing food for our entire civilization.

Most of those designated as physical labor, such as gardeners and builders of buildings. It will make their body conditions remain stable. A small percentage of them have the intelligence, work arrangements tailored to the level of their intelligence. Orang Atlantis menganggap, bahwa pekerjaan fisik lebih bermanfaat, ini membuat emosi (perasaan) mereka mendapat keseimbangan, marah dan suasana hati saat depresi dapat diarahkan secara konstruktif, lagi pula tubuh manusia terlahir untuk pekerjaan fisik, hal tersebut telah dibuktikan. Namun, selalu ada pengecualian, misalnya lelaki yang kewanitaan atau sebaliknya, pada akhirnya, orang pintar akan membimbing orang-orang ini bekerja yang sesuai dengan kondisi mereka. Setiap orang akan menuju ke kecerdasan, berperan sebagai tokoh sendiri, semua ini merupakan hal yang paling mendasar.

Seluruh kehidupan Atlantis merupakan himpunan keharmonisan yang tak terikat secara universal bagi tumbuh-tumbuhan, mineral, hewan dan sayur-mayur. Setiap orang merupakan partikel bagiannya, setiap orang tahu, bahwa pengabdian mereka sangat dibutuhkan. Di Atlantis tidak ada sistem keuangan, hanya ada aktivitas perdagangan. Kami tidak pernah membawa dompet atau kunci dan sejenisnya. Jarang ada keserakahan atau kedengkian, yang ada hanya kebulatan tekad.

Teknologi yang Tinggi
Di Atlantis ada sarana terbang yang modelnya mirip “piring terbang” (UFO), mereka menggunakan medan magnet mengendalikan energi perputaran dan pendaratan, sarana hubungan jenis ini biasa digunakan untuk perjalanan jarak jauh. Perjalanan jarak pendek hanya menggunakan katrol yang dapat ditumpangi dua orang. Ia mempunyai sebuah mesin yang mirip seperti kapal hidrofoil, prinsip kerja sama dengan alat terbang, juga menggunakan medan energi magnet. Yang lainnya seperti makanan, komoditi rumah tangga atau barang-barang yang berukuran besar, diangkut dengan cara yang sama menggunakan alat angkut besar yang disebut “Subbers.”

Atlantis is a great civilization, we are able to use the ship to broadcast news to the various regions. Most of the information received by the "smart people" through the inner response, they have the ability to receive special way, is similar to the satellite receiving stations, and very accurate. Thus, their work is sit back and receive the information transmitted from other places. In fact, in the work, the way I operate a large crystal, also worked through the heart.

Continue treatment
In this culture, there is no serious disease. Treatment method used, all the crystals, colors, music, fragrances and blend the ingredients, by developing the effectiveness of treatment overall.

Treatment center is a place that many of his room. When patients come in, a color will be recorded on the wall. Then the patient is directed to a special chamber to determine treatment. In the first room, an assistant who trained and knowledgeable about the treatment will detect the frequency of vibration in the body of the patient. Information is transferred to another room. In the room, the patient will lie on a flat granite, while the other assistants will arrange for an appropriate treatment plan for patients.

After that, rooms will be filled with music therapy, special crystals will be placed on the patient. The whole room filled with a soft fragrance, a color will appear last. Furthermore, patients are asked reflect, for the treatment of energy absorbed into the body. Thus, all the senses that there will be healthy again, "color" to heal the sense of sight, "aromatic plants" to heal the sense of smell, "sweet music" to heal the sense of hearing, and final, "pure water" heal the sense of taste. When meditation is finished, have a drink of water from the tube. Energy is very large, like a ray, illuminate the body from top to bottom. Deemed to have been met throughout the body. Treatment techniques are always associated with a "magnetic field" and "solar energy", as well as a physical and mental health treatment.

Stringent Child Education
When the baby is still in the womb, has given voice, musical intelligence and guidance at that time. While the content, "smart people" would give guidance to prospective parents the child. Since the baby is born, the parents take care of and educate them at home, cared and loved their children. In the afternoon, will give to their children in daycare, listening to music in there, see the vibration of colors and stories relating to how positive thinking and a philosophical theme of the story.

Education center, there are in every place. Children are educated to be a living being that has perfect intelligence. Learn to open your mind, body and soul for them to work together. At the level of child development, smart people play a very large, educators have a respectable position in the community of Atlantis, usually can only be obtained when it reaches the age of 60-120 years, depending on the growth of intelligence. And is a coveted job everyone.

Across the region, each person received education from the age of 3 years. They receive education in the building. In front of the school building is a symbol of the rainbow, the rainbow is a symbol of guidance centers. The main lesson is to hear and see. The students relaxed reclining or sitting, so that the spine road is not under pressure. The other method is staring, eyes covered with eye shields, eye shields displayed in various colors. On condition of staring, visualization method is very effective. Simultaneously, the cassette tape is also unconscious. When the body and brain in a relaxed state, the knowledge flow to the brain memory is great. This is one of the most effective learning method, because it was closing all channels of information that can be distracting. "Smart People" to guide the students, depending on the level of the children's ability to absorb, and easy to see a particular talent they have. In this way, every child has equal opportunity to develop their potential.

Forward thinking and positive vibration frequency is a key element in learning and improving / encouraging vision of an open heart. The higher the frequency of vibration in the brain, the frequency of vibration of the higher life. Increasing awareness of the inherent positive, reflecting the growing awareness of the extrinsic and implicit consciousness. When both are compatible, will open up a positive vision of the world: If they are not compatible, then people will drift to the greed and power. For the Atlantis, operating the intellect of others is not a civilized way of life, and is not allowed.

In our history books, we never feel safe and calm. The character of our ancestors are still uncivilized affect our society at that time. For example, selecting animals for experiments. However, intelligence rules prohibit interfering with the hard lives of others. Although we know there are risks, but we can not force or punish others, because each person must be responsible for the development of sanubarinya own. In the community, the sense of insecurity is the order for security.Philosophy is very good, and highly respected people at that time, he is our protector.

Resurrection, which hits the Atlantis
I am not married. At that time, those who do not have the bonds of marriage. If you mean a tie, it will perform a bonding ritual. Binding is absolutely no legal effect or force that binds, just based on conscience.Atlantis sex life is very dynamic person to maintain health. I decided to live with the effects of sex, intelligence and charm. At that time, sex is an important part of life, sex is as important as eating or sleeping. This is part of "the existence of life as a whole", and anyway our physical body does not show our age, we are generally able to live to 200 years old.

There is also a man having sex with animals, or with half human and half animal, for example, the body of a horse-headed man. At that moment, the Atlantis could provide cross-transplantation of mating, for the harmony of man and animals in nature, but most people forget this, their goal is the starting point of sex. People who are aware know that this will lead to an imbalance in our society, people are very worried and scared about it, but no preventive action. This is a very big relationship with our beliefs, people have the freedom to choose, and one can not interfere with the growth of intelligence of others. People who choose animals as the main opponents, often losing his balance on his soul, and is considered immature.

Advanced Technology unjust
At the time of my life, we know that Atlantis has arrived at pengujung death. In between we have some people who know this, however, most people are deliberately ignored, or not interested in this. Elements of material has been out of balance. Highly advanced technology. For example, purified air pollution, the air temperature is adjusted.Advanced technology, until we start changing the composition of air and water. This last causes the destruction of Atlantis.

Four basic elements, namely: wind, water, fire, and land is the most fundamental of our galaxy and the earth, the material basis of the most stable. Trying to consolidate or change the basic elements of natural law has been violated. Scientists work and live in the western part of Atlantis, they "give in" to the greed for power and personal honor means "operate" four basic elements. Now world knows, this has resulted in total destruction. They thought themselves above the others, they fantasize as a figure of God, to handle the basic elements of the star.

By the last day
Forecast "Resurrection" was widely circulated, but only the smart people who follow the path of spiritual and knows the cause. The end of our civilization only by a few people! Forecast says: "The earth will rise, the new Continental will appear, everyone started to fight again. Only a handful of people lucky to be alive, they will spread to all corners of the new land, and the story of Atlantis is hereditary, we will return to the past. " Learn, Dolphins have told us today "Resurrection" will arrive, we know times are getting closer, why not have two weeks to meet the dolphins. They were told when we would go to a quiet place, and keep the crystal ball, the dolphins tell us to go in peace to the west.

Many people left the land looking for new Atlantis. Some went to Egypt, there is also ahead of "Resurrection" ship to leave Atlantis with the boats, the new land that are not on the map. Mainland-continent is not a part of our civilization, because it is not in our coverage. Many of us feel frustrated and left, are actively looking for a progressive and peaceful environment. Therefore, the Atlantis was almost no immigrants.However, after a few trips to the mainland is "weird", they returned safely. And the country has at least tell us the knowledge about life outside of Atlantis.

I chose to stay, ensuring energy crystals are not damaged anything, until the end. Kristal is always supplying energy to the city. When recent weeks, closed by a protective transparent crystals are made from special materials. Maybe someday, it will be found, and used again for a good purpose. When the crystal is found, it will prove the civilization of Atlantis, while others who did not unveil the mystery unfold over several centuries.

I still remember the days of the longest, the last day, last minute, the earth ground, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, fires. Plate collided with the hard earth, each other. Earth is experiencing the destruction, the people in the curved roof of the building when the crystals to be welcomed his arrival. My soul is very quiet. A building shook hard. I pulled one of the walls, we hugged each other. I wish I could be dead soon. Thick smoke in the sky roll in, I saw the lava ground spraying, coloring the sky red flames. The room in a house filled with smoke, we were very crowded. Then I fainted, then, I remember my spirit fly into the light. I looked down and seen the land is sinking. Rough sea water, swallowing everything. Those who fled to all corners, if not swallow the water would fall into the great cauldron of fire. I hear the voice clearly screams. Earth like a giant kettle of boiling water, like a hungry beast, bite and swallow all the prey. Sea water has drowned the land.

Late memory Inggrid Benette, people know the level of technological development of Atlantis, the civilization we are very different now, but his experience is materially different from those of modern science, rather similar to the ancient Chinese science, developed by other means.Civilization as it is now far beyond civilization. Heard of it like reading a fictional novel. Compare with the present, the ability of the soul race Atlantis is observed, even with supernormal abilities, able to communicate with animals, which are now considered the smart and talented, dicekoki range of knowledge, but ignores the strength.

Atlantis nations concerned "people intelligence" and "body" to develop the latent potential of the human body, this is a civilization that they can grow rapidly in the long term and the main cause of the imbalance does not cause symptoms. About the extinct civilization of Atlantis, who are now eligible to contemplate. Plato described the destruction of Atlantis in the dialogue as follows:

"Law of the Sea Gods applied to make people happy Atlantis, Sea Gods justice gets high honors from around the world, the rule of law engraved in a brass pole by the kings of the past, copper pole was placed in the middle of the sea god temple in the island. But the people of Atlantis began to depraved, that they had worshiped false gods to be greedy, wants to live good and reject work with riotous living and luxurious. "

Plato is often times the sadness of human nature says:
"Glimpse of the pure mind slowly losing its color, and enveloped by the turbulent passions of demons, then the people of Atlantis are entitled to enjoy the great fortune that started doing inappropriate acts, the wisdom to see the character of the people of Atlantis fell more and more today, their welfare The nature slowly disappeared, but the public is blind, but possessed by lust, unable to distinguish right or wrong, still excited, dikiranya all the grace of God. "

Collapse of civilization caused by a handful of people, many who know why, but most people ignore it, so came the big slide, the probation and can not be helped. Then, a small number of mistakes is not so scary, scary is when most people "ignore errors", to "allow changes" are secretly "approved evil", can not distinguish right and wrong, are you on the nature of the offense resulted in gaps man, terrible moral decline of society, civilization led to a stalemate.

We as modern people, it can make the lessons of history as a mirror, contemplate returning to enlarge our knowledge, who know life is based on the objective identification of the material world is real, and ignoring the fact of life in the soul. The true meaning of life, steadily into a business meeting material desires, like the scientists of Atlantis, a handful of people subject to greed, not to defend truth, for power and glory, to develop technology that is wrong, damaging the environment.What we are doing the same mistake?

Miracle of Moses

Remember the stories of miracles of Moses splitting the Red Sea with his staff? If one of my friends who think the story is just fairy tales, now let us see the writing that I describe below.

An archaeologist named Ron Wyatt in 1988, Ahir ago claiming that he had found some dead didasar ancient chariot wheels of the red sea.According to him, perhaps this is a dead Pharaoh's chariot sank in the sea when they will be used to catch up with the followers of Moses.

According to his confession, in addition to finding several dead horse chariot wheels, Wyatt with his crew also found some human bones and horse bones in the same place.

This finding would further strengthen the hypothesis that sisa2 bones is part of the framework of the Pharaoh's army drowned in the Red Sea.Moreover, the results of tests performed at the University of Stockhlom few remaining bones are found, it is true that the structure and content of some of the bones were aged around 3500 years ago, which according to history, the pursuit of such incidents also occurred in the same period.

one wheel axle of the chariot

In addition, there is also an interesting thing was found, ie one wheel axle of the chariot which is now entirely covered by rocks, so for now its original form is very difficult to see clearly. He may deliberately protect these things to show us all that the miracle was revealed to him Nabi2 is a real thing and not a mere story writing. Among the dead car today, also found a wheel with 4 spokes are made of gold. It seems, this is the rest of the ride the chariot wheels of Pharaoh king.

Now let us look at the picture above, of the circled part of the map (red circle), according to the experts about where the location is where the prophet Moses with his people crossed the Red Sea. The location of the crossing is estimated to be in the Gulf of Aqaba at Nuweiba. The maximum depth of water in the vicinity of the crossing location is 800 meters on the side towards the Egyptians, and 900 meters on the side towards the Arabs. Meanwhile in the north and south of the crossing path (red line) reached 1500 meters in depth. The slope of the sea from the Gulf of Aqaba to Nuweiba about 1 / 14 or 4 degrees, while that from Nuweiba to the Gulf Arab land about 1 / 10 or 6 degrees

It is estimated the distance between Nuweiba to Arabic around 1800 meter.Lebar a split in the Red Sea crossing is estimated to 900 meters.Can we imagine how much force is needed to split the sea to have a track width of 900 meters to 1800 meters distance on the water depth is hundreds of meters rata2 for a long time, because the followers of Moses, according to the history of thousands? (According to another paper estimated the distance is 7 km, with the followers of Moses, around 600,000 people and the time taken to cross about 4 hours).

According to one calculation, the estimated required pressure (force per unit area) of 2,800,000 Newton/m2 or equal to the pressure that we receive in the sea If you dive to a depth of 280 meters. If we associate with the wind speed, according to some calculations, at least the required constant wind speed 30 m / sec (108 km / h) during the night to be able to divide and maintain parts of the sea water within 4 hours!incredible, God is great

A Significant evidence of the Pre-history ever Very Advanced

In 1900 the stone was found a metal that was about 2000 years disebuah shipwreck in the Greek island of Antikythera, 50 years later, things are seen with X-rays and found that the object is a mechanical device, such as mechanical watches, a discovery is made the member archaeological kebingunan, because at that time Greek people will not be possible to make it as complex mechanical objects.

Anticythère Mechanics

Anticythère Mechanics After the X-ray

These estimates are used as a calendar tool

The presence of prehistoric mechanics can also be found in the Dendera temple complex in Egypt. In the basement wall of the temple there are sculptures of two things that resemble incandescent bulbs, this is then linked to the question, how dark the room is getting light and heat?

some theories say that, the spaces in the temple of the sun reflected from the outside many times by mirrors inside the temple, but this theory can be indisputable, because the light is being reflected increasingly weak that can not illuminate all the spaces.

There also are said to use a fire / flame but not in a ruangpun found materials to make fire, and will not get enough oxygen to make torches. So, the only way to illuminate the room in the temple is the light bulb.

The question now, if indeed they use light, how do they get electricity? In fact, only electricity is discovered thousands of years afterwards.

One finding that may support the existence of the light bulb is the discovery of prehistoric Baghdad batteries that have been tested to produce electricity by pouring lemon juice into gucinya.

Wall sculptures are two things that resemble incandescent light bulbs

Baghdad Battery

Baghdad Battery Filled Orange Juice

In the temple complex of Teotihuacan experts believe there are alien intervention dijaman find ancient complex of a similar arrangement with the layout similar to the position of our solar system, but how could the temple complex of Teotihuacan designer knows in advance the circulation system of planets around the sun?

Is not it requires ongoing scientific research for centuries? some say this is a temple bahwaposisi coincidence, but if we see another historic site that is even older than Stonehenge Teotihuacan as that which when seen from space, the composition of the stone circles are very similar to our solar system.

The temple complex of Teotihuacan

The temple complex of Teotihuacan Solar System


Stonehenge Solar System

Stonehenge Seen From the Air

In 1929 the painting was found was a map marked with the hand of a captain named Piri Reis stated also in 1513 that also means 21 years after Colombus discovered America.

Amazing is that it is very accurate map outline continents or islands lines even with pictures of rivers and mountains. How the creator made? Geographical knowledge just beginning to grow hundreds of years afterwards.

Piri Reis Map

Piri Reis Map compared with modern maps

The evidence supports the theory that most of the aliens intervene / prehistoric period to modern technology is a complex of relics in the highlands of Bolivia Pumapunku, our logic there would not be able to guess.

In Pumapunku there are ruins of megalithic structures have been destroyed by a terrible earthquake. Blocks that collapsed in Pumapunku is amazing, which is the form of blocks scattered with pieces / perfect shape and has the same size and even more like a puzzle-puzzle.

No one knows for sure how the Aymara Indians transporting stone (800 tons / pcs) there, but the plain at 4000 meters above sea level.


Block Pumapunku

We all know that to build a building like Pumapunku requires writing, planning, and ideas on how the breakdown of each section have the function of each and how to unite, but the experts have agreed that the Aymara Indians never knew the writing. How is it possible to do without planning Pumapunku puzzle?

Reconstruction Pumapunku Block Puzzle

In terms of quality, workmanship of stone in Pumapunku is perfect, as is done by machine, to cut a certain size, make a hole, even a long basin with very small size (millimeter), and every stone has the same shape and size exactly.

Though materials-stone material used is rock diorite and granite, diorite is one of the most hard rock that could only be defeated by a diamond, the archaeologists estimate the tool used by the Aymara tribe may have foreign made of diamond or diamond, but no one archaeologist are able to predict or attempt to reconstruct how the Aymara Indians making the stone blocks.

Hole In Block Pumapunku

Pumapunku millimeter Detail

Pumapunku Carving