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A Significant evidence of the Pre-history ever Very Advanced

In 1900 the stone was found a metal that was about 2000 years disebuah shipwreck in the Greek island of Antikythera, 50 years later, things are seen with X-rays and found that the object is a mechanical device, such as mechanical watches, a discovery is made the member archaeological kebingunan, because at that time Greek people will not be possible to make it as complex mechanical objects.

Anticythère Mechanics

Anticythère Mechanics After the X-ray

These estimates are used as a calendar tool

The presence of prehistoric mechanics can also be found in the Dendera temple complex in Egypt. In the basement wall of the temple there are sculptures of two things that resemble incandescent bulbs, this is then linked to the question, how dark the room is getting light and heat?

some theories say that, the spaces in the temple of the sun reflected from the outside many times by mirrors inside the temple, but this theory can be indisputable, because the light is being reflected increasingly weak that can not illuminate all the spaces.

There also are said to use a fire / flame but not in a ruangpun found materials to make fire, and will not get enough oxygen to make torches. So, the only way to illuminate the room in the temple is the light bulb.

The question now, if indeed they use light, how do they get electricity? In fact, only electricity is discovered thousands of years afterwards.

One finding that may support the existence of the light bulb is the discovery of prehistoric Baghdad batteries that have been tested to produce electricity by pouring lemon juice into gucinya.

Wall sculptures are two things that resemble incandescent light bulbs

Baghdad Battery

Baghdad Battery Filled Orange Juice

In the temple complex of Teotihuacan experts believe there are alien intervention dijaman find ancient complex of a similar arrangement with the layout similar to the position of our solar system, but how could the temple complex of Teotihuacan designer knows in advance the circulation system of planets around the sun?

Is not it requires ongoing scientific research for centuries? some say this is a temple bahwaposisi coincidence, but if we see another historic site that is even older than Stonehenge Teotihuacan as that which when seen from space, the composition of the stone circles are very similar to our solar system.

The temple complex of Teotihuacan

The temple complex of Teotihuacan Solar System


Stonehenge Solar System

Stonehenge Seen From the Air

In 1929 the painting was found was a map marked with the hand of a captain named Piri Reis stated also in 1513 that also means 21 years after Colombus discovered America.

Amazing is that it is very accurate map outline continents or islands lines even with pictures of rivers and mountains. How the creator made? Geographical knowledge just beginning to grow hundreds of years afterwards.

Piri Reis Map

Piri Reis Map compared with modern maps

The evidence supports the theory that most of the aliens intervene / prehistoric period to modern technology is a complex of relics in the highlands of Bolivia Pumapunku, our logic there would not be able to guess.

In Pumapunku there are ruins of megalithic structures have been destroyed by a terrible earthquake. Blocks that collapsed in Pumapunku is amazing, which is the form of blocks scattered with pieces / perfect shape and has the same size and even more like a puzzle-puzzle.

No one knows for sure how the Aymara Indians transporting stone (800 tons / pcs) there, but the plain at 4000 meters above sea level.


Block Pumapunku

We all know that to build a building like Pumapunku requires writing, planning, and ideas on how the breakdown of each section have the function of each and how to unite, but the experts have agreed that the Aymara Indians never knew the writing. How is it possible to do without planning Pumapunku puzzle?

Reconstruction Pumapunku Block Puzzle

In terms of quality, workmanship of stone in Pumapunku is perfect, as is done by machine, to cut a certain size, make a hole, even a long basin with very small size (millimeter), and every stone has the same shape and size exactly.

Though materials-stone material used is rock diorite and granite, diorite is one of the most hard rock that could only be defeated by a diamond, the archaeologists estimate the tool used by the Aymara tribe may have foreign made of diamond or diamond, but no one archaeologist are able to predict or attempt to reconstruct how the Aymara Indians making the stone blocks.

Hole In Block Pumapunku

Pumapunku millimeter Detail

Pumapunku Carving

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