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The Lost Tribe: The Ancient Malays

"Malai' is the name mentioned in the ancient Indian manuscripts to a race that lived in the Malay Archipelago . ' Malai ' means mountain or hill . This means that in the past people lived in the high plains or, in the direction they are coming from north India , from the mountainous border . This race is touted in the literature of the Vedic - Sanskrit , Avestan , that one quarter Dear Aryan race Ksyatria caste , lower caste people Sakya warrior (from Himalaya border ) that brings together the teachings of the Vedas other Aryan tribes invaded Indian Subcontinent and forcing indigenous ethnic Indians moved into the land south. Their skin is brighter and they have a certain strapping and handsome.

Who are they ? Whence they ? To find out who they are , let us search for one of the other Aryan tribes , the Mada .

Remember! If talking about the Aryans , it is related to the culture of Ancient Persia , long before the reign of Darius II .

Medes is a Greek name that refers to the Ancient Iranian peoples , who lived in northwest Iran today. This area is known in Greek ( Greek ) as Media or Medea.Dalam Ancient Persian , it is called the reference Mada . During the reign of the Assyrian kings , known as the Madayu . They had entered the area along the first wave of Ancient Iranian tribes , when the late millennium BC (during the Bronze Age collapse ) .

Media , Midia , Midian and Mada are the same syllable explaining the Madyan ( in Arabic) an advanced race and referred to in the story of Madyan Shuaib and Race . Prophet Shuaib is a messenger Mada raised from the race , at which time it was absorbing material progress Mada race .

During the 6th century BC , after the Babylonian race together to beat the New Assyrian Empire , Madayu Nations has been able to establish their own empire , which stretched from the Black Sea and Aran province ( now Azerbaijan ) to the north and Central Asia, Afghanistan and Pakistan which consists of many colonies including Land Persian , Persian population which eventually found its way into Empire Madayu / Media during the time of the Achaemenid Empire of Persia. Madayu Nations recognized as an established first Iranian Empire , the largest until Cyrus the Great and the Persian Madayu unite the Achaemenid Empire , by defeating his grandfather who is also an Emperor , Astyages , King of Media ( Madayu ) .

Let's look back the name Nation ' Mada ' ( in terms of Ancient Iran ) during the reign of the Assyrian . Why do we want to study the race Mada / Media / Madyan this ?

" Now the sons of Keturah, Abraham 's wife : she bare Zimran , and Jokshan , and Medan , and Midian , and Ishbak , and Shuah . And the sons of Jokshan ; Sheba , and Dedan . " ( Genesis 1:32 )

Madayu race is the brother of the nations in the group were sons of Keturah . In Avestan ( ancient religious language of Ancient Persia ) the word ' shark ' is a suffix that refers to ' mind ' , 'brain ' or ' mentality ' . It was ' instrumental suffix ' ( syllables are added at the end of words), when viewed as a whole refers to 'the mode of thinking ' or identity of a based thinking can also be describing the way of life , culture or civilization . So the ' shark ' in the Avestan language slang is also the mother of Sanskrit , refers to the ' race ' or ' culture ' . So the word ' Madayu ' stands for ' Race Mada .

Want to go further ? More difficult to keep track of his own trail race track out of others.

Just glance , one stops to Vietnamese Malay track , then that's just the original descendants. If there is a claim Malay from Yunnan , the Yunnan is the Malay . Who said the Malays lived in Tibet , in the foothills of the Himalayas, he reached the half-way race. Does not matter. If everything is correct , but you still do not why . Why ? THE MALAY RACE IS THE DESCENDANTS down OTHER ASIA .

" ENGLISH IS Truly Asia '

Maybe they're right .

Perhaps no one is wrong in this case . Maybe Theories Old Axe From Central Asia proper .

Or drum Dongson , also tribal Hoabihn .

Not only Western scholars as the heir Malayness but we also just got puzzle pieces vary .

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