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Giant pyramid

Giant pyramid of Egypt is one of the seven wonders of the world today, had always been regarded as a mysterious building and magnificent people. However, despite how many years passed, the scholars and experts using large amounts of accurate research tools and sophisticated, is still unknown, who actually has made a giant high buildings and stately? And coming from where achievement of human intelligence that can not be imagined at the top of the building? And what purpose these buildings? And at that time he has a utility that how or what it means?

The puzzle that kept spinning in the minds of all people for thousands of years, from beginning to end is a mystery that can not be explained.

Although historians say he was established in 2000 over BC, but such opinions can not even explain the confusion that diinisiasikan by a large number of research findings.

Myth and History Archaeological findings

Since the 6th century BC, Egypt was the royal refuge Poshi, who lost his position after standing for more than 2,000 years, receives power from outside of the Greek Empire, Roman, Islamic kingdom and the power of other nations. During the large number of famous works of the time of Pharaoh destroyed, literacy and religious beliefs of the Egyptians themselves are gradually replaced by other cultures, so that the culture of ancient Egypt to ebb and destroyed, later generations have lost a large number of relics that can decipher clues left by the predecessors.

Year 450 BC, after a Greek historian around and arrived in Egypt, added the inscription: Cheops (Khufu Greek alphabet), reportedly said, were destroyed after 50 years. In a certain limit the Greek historians use the phrase "allegedly said", meaning that the truth needs to be proved again. However, since the Greek historian's opinion is actually a quote later generations as important evidence that the pyramid royal dynasty founded in the 4th.

Until now, historians thought that the pyramid is the tomb of a king. Thus, once talked about the pyramid, which is imagined in the unconscious mind is the jewelry and goods sparkling. And, in the year 820 AD, when the governor-general of Islamic Cairo Caliph al-Ma'mun led forces, was first dug and a secret passageway into the pyramid, and when the patient does not go into the room, the view that only made him look very disappointed. Not only was no single thing that is usually buried with the body, such as pearls, and carvings, and even a piece of glassware pieces were not there, it was just an empty sarcophagus lid that does not exist. While the wall was only a clean field empty, nor is there any inscription written.

Conclusion of the historians of the achievements first entered this pyramid is "experiencing robbery objects in the tomb". However, the real investigation showed, the possibility of thieves entered the tomb of the pyramid through the other path is very small. Under normal conditions, nor the tomb thieves may steal without leaving a trace, and more impossible to remove all the plaque described Pharaohs on the walls. Compared with the other tombs which are generally filled with jewels and treasures abound, a giant pyramid built to commemorate the greatness of Pharaoh king became very different.

In addition, in a note "Inventory Stela" is held in the Cairo museum, never mentioned that the pyramid has been there from the beginning before the throne of Khufu continues. However, due to the stone inscription records that are hard to challenge the traditional view, there is a problem between research experts and how writing the book, strongly condemned the subsequent research value. Actually, the limitations of historical record that can be obtained, if for a particular view and then set aside some historical evidence, have unwittingly impede our objective in looking at the actual historical position.

Building Technique Extraordinaire

In Egypt, there are so many various sizes of the pyramid, the default is not only much smaller, the structure was rough. Among the pyramid which was founded in the kingdom to-5 and 6, many of which have damaged and destroyed, a heap of ruins, such as the pyramid of King Menkaure as shown. Then, the great pyramid was built during the earlier, in a massive earthquake in the 13th century, where some stone walled outer have been destroyed, but because the inside of the wall supported by a buffer, so that the whole structure remains very strong. Therefore, when building a giant pyramid, not just a simple 3 million stones set into a cone, if there are deficiencies in the design of this special construction, partially damaged, it can lead to completely collapse due to the weight supported.

After all, how the project was building the giant pyramids done, remains a topic that makes a headache scholars. In addition to considering the large number of stone and labor required, the most important factor is the culmination of the pyramid must be in the bottom right field at the midpoint of the 4 corners. Because if the 4 corners sideways and slightly distorted, so as to close the culmination not be together at one point, this means building projects considered to have failed. Therefore, is a very important point, how do put some 2.3 million -2.6 million large stones each weighing 2.5 tonnes of stone from the ground up as high as more than a hundred yards in the air and installed from the beginning to the end of the the right position.

As the author Graham Hancock in his' Fingerprint of God ": In place of this staggered, on one side of the body to maintain balance, and the other side had to move one after another stone weighing at least 2 times the little car to above, transported to the right place, and leads right into place, whether what he had in mind workers carrying stones. Although modern science has predicted a variety of ways and allow energy to build, but if it reconsidered its real conditions, we find that these people must have the ability or physical strength than humans, just to finish the giant project and ensure accuracy and precision accuracy.

To this, Jean Francois Champollion who got the title as the "Father of Modern Science of Ancient Egypt" estimates that people who set up a different pyramid with humans now, at least in the "thinking they have a height of 100 feet tall as a giant human". He argues, viewed from the side of the making of the pyramid, it is the work of a giant human.

Likewise, Master Li Hongzhi in his lecture at the North American tour in 2002 also had mentioned that possibility. "Man can not understand how the pyramid was made. Stone is so great how people transport it? Some of those giant man five feet high carrying something, it is with humans now move a big rock is the same. To build the pyramid, the five-meter tall human like us now build a big building. "

Such thoughts could not help but make us think, that the giant pyramids and a large number of ancient massive stone building found in various parts of the world have brought the same question to everyone: big and grand, the composition is formed by using a very large stone, even the composition perfect. Like for example, in the northern suburbs is Castle Sacsahuaman Mexico arranged by the giant stones that weigh more than 100 tons, of which there is a giant rock that reaches 28 feet high, estimated at weighing up to 360 tons (equivalent to 500 family cars). And on the plains southwest of England there is a giant rock formation, surrounded by dozens of giant rocks and forming a large roundabout, in between some rocks high as 6 meters. Actually, how a group of people who they were? Why always use a giant rock, and do not use the stone size in the range of our ability to build?

Sphinx, a lion-faced man who is also an important object of research scientists, high 20 meters, 73 meters overall length, is considered established by the work of the Pharaoh Khafre is 4. However, the former being eaten by rust (erosion) on the surface of the body of the Sphinx, scientists estimate that the construction might be more early, at least 10 thousand years ago before Christ.

A scholar John Washeth also argues: That the giant pyramids and the Sphinx nearby neighbor with building the kingdom to another 4 totally different, it was built in ancient times more than the kingdom to-4. In his book "Space Serpent", John Washeth suggested: the development of Egyptian culture probably did not come from the Nile basin, but comes from an earlier culture and more powerful than the ancient Egyptians thousands of years old, who inherited the cultural legacy unknown to us . This, in addition to building technological reasons outlined earlier, and found on the Sphinx is badly eaten by rust has also proved this.

Mathematician Swalle Rubich in "Holy Science" shows: in the year 11,000 BC, Egypt must have had a great culture. At that time the Sphinx has been there, because the body of the lion-faced man, in addition to the head, obviously there is a former erosion. His estimate is in a great flood 11,000 years BC, and heavy rain alternating erosion and lead to the former.

Estimates of erosion on the Sphinx is more rain and wind. Washeth aside from the possibility of rain water, because as long as 9000 years in the past plateaus Peninsula, rain was always inadequate, and should track back to 10,000 BC the new year there is such bad weather. Also ruled out the possibility Washeth eroded by the wind, because the other limestone buildings in the kingdom to-4 did not even have the same erosion. Elephant-shaped writings and inscriptions left by the ancient kingdom there is no piece of stone that had such severe erosion that occurred on the Sphinx.

Boston University professor and expert in terms of rock erosion Robert S. also agree with the view and address the Washeth: That the erosion experienced by the Sphinx, there are some parts that its depth reaches 2 feet, so the zigzag angle when viewed from the outside, like a wave, obviously is the former after a wind gust and great for thousands of years.

Washeth and Robert S. also shows: the technology of ancient Egypt could not have carved out such a large scale on a giant rock, art products that complicated technique.

If observed on the whole, we can logically conclude, that in ancient times, in the land of Egypt, once there is a very advanced culture, but because of the shifting plates of the earth, the land lost in a sea of stones, and a very ancient culture at that time finally removed, leaving the pyramids and the Sphinx, using the perfect building technology.

In the long term on the ocean floor, a giant pyramid and the Sphinx has the erosion of water and soaked for a long period, is the direct cause leading to severe erosion on the Sphinx. Because the building materials giant pyramid Peninsula is the result of human technology that is not known now, the ability to resist water erosion far exceeds natural stone, while the Sphinx, carved with the overall natural stone, this may be the real cause of the giant pyramid eroded by sea water which is not visible from the surface.

Description image: neighboring Sphinx near the pyramids seem very ancient giants. Scientists confirm that the body, and irrigation channels as the water eroded, he has experienced some humid weather, it estimates that it is very likely to have existed prior to 10 thousand years ago.

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