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The Most Violent Doctor

10. Jack Kevorkian

It is said that it allowed 130 or more patients to die with assistance. Kevorkian euthanasia create their own engine that will allow a patient to die in two ways. The first is "Thanatron", which is used to inject the patient with the infusion of salt, sodium thiopental and potassium chloride. He also uses "Mercitron," which involves a mask that uses carbon monoxide gas. Finally, actions are investigated and he was arrested on charges of murder rate in half and served jail-time from 1999-2007, but today is a conditional release.

9. Walter Freeman

Although not a normal doctor, Walter Freeman was a neurologist who graduated from Yale and the University of Pennsylvania Medical School. Even though he did not leave in bad faith, Freeman completed more than 3500 lobotomi in the U.S., especially Rosemary Kennedy and many others. While lobotomi rarely used today, Freeman helped to refine them and make them able to solve the fame after the success and "cure" patients.However, Freeman seems to be very excited, the icebreaker from the kitchen to finish Lobotomi, completing more than 20 lobotomi in a single day without the use of a surgeon, and even allow the media to watch Lobotomi done that ultimately ended in death, as an ice breaker a sneak the patient's brain. Believe it or not, Freeman seems unbothered by the death of people and continue to perform other operations.

8. Harry Howard Holmes (Herman Mudgett)

Harry Howard Holmes, who was born Herman Mudgett, was the first serial killer to be hanged in America. He went to the University of Michigan Medical School in 1884 to become a doctor. He often stole the corpse from the school laboratory and the disabled, and then claim that those people have been killed accidentally. Through this, he was able to collect from the insurance policies that he produced in everyone. After he graduated, he moved to Chicago. Here, it is working to convince local pharmacies to allow him to take over ownership of a hotel. At the hotel, he experimented with the body, often chose women to be victims and mengcekik to death.Was dissected corpses, their flesh removed to make the frame model. He then sold the body for medical schools.

7.Arnfinn Nesset

Although technically not a doctor, Norway Arnfinn Nesset is a nurse who is accused of killing 22 of his patients.All 22 of them were killed with lethal injections Curacit, which is a muscle relaxant drug. Because the choice of drugs, an investigation to find Nesset guilty of the crime is difficult. Curacit is a drug that over time becomes very difficult to detect in the body. The inquiry lasted two years and five months at the end of the conference, it was found guilty of killing 22 people and charged 21 years in prison, the maximum the law of Norway. In 2004 he was released, and is said to live under a different name somewhere in Norway.

Clauberg 6.Carl

One of two medical doctors on the list of Nazi Germany, Carl Clauberg was one of the many doctors who perform many experiments in Nazi concentration camps, particularly Auschwitz. After receiving the rank of chief doctors and gynecologists to learn, he became professor of gynecology at the University of Königsberg. After the Nazis in 1933, Clauberg, in 1942, Heinrich Himmler, and suggested approaching trial of mass sterilization for women. Clauberg Himmler agreed and assigned to block number 10 in the camp. Clauberg really want to find a cheap and easy to sterilize women. Many times he uses the liquid acid was injected into the womb of a woman. The ovaries of women who have suffered them off and then sent to Berlin for further study. Sometimes people were killed so that autopsies be performed. It is said that 300 women were doing experiments on during this time. Clauberg eventually arrested, released and arrested again, but died before trial.

5.John Bodkin Adams

John Bodkin Adams was a general doctor who had a life filled with murder and fraud. It is said that from 1946-1956, more than 160 patients died suspiciously. Out of those who died, 132 of them to leave money or other valuable items for him in their wills, which are subsequently found to be fraudulent and was written by Adams himself. Killing his patients, Adams often used drugs or prescription painkillers are given in excess, which ultimately kills the patient. He found suspicious, and eventually brought to court after seeing that many more patients are dying faster and faster. He also claimed to fraud, when he signed and wrote the patient will be without notice. The case was, however, establish multiple effects in terms of law, which is when a doctor will provide treatment in hopes of relieving pain, but it will also shorten the life.

Shipman 4.Harold

Harold Shipman stood out as the only doctor in the history of English has been found guilty of killing his patients. Many say he is the most productive area of ​​known serial killers in history. He was found guilty of killing 218 people, but the actual number may be doubled, because the number of casualties could not be identified. In 1974 he became a general physician in West Yorkshire, and a year later found forging prescriptions for pethidine for personal use. He was fined but can keep working. Over time, many patients died, mostly due to the injection diamorfin. Many are concerned about the increasing number of Shipman was signing cremation forms. He was also charged with forging useful patient. Although established to serve a life sentence after being convicted of 15 murders in January 2000, Shipman was put in prison for four years, but on January 13, 2004 hanging himself in prison cell.

3. Michael Swango

Although only three officially accused of murder, many said that Michael Swango killed a few as 30 people, but of 60 for his career as a doctor in several different states and medical facilities. It all started when he entered Southern Illinois University Medical School and is said to have interests with terminally ill patients. After graduating, even if expelled, he accepted an internship at Ohio State University. On the floor she worked on, nurses often see that these patients, who had been healthy, would die without warning. At one point, a nurse injects a view to a patient who later became ill. After losing his apprenticeship he returned to Inllionis and worked as an EMT, where it will poison the paramedics. He was eventually arrested for possession of arsenic and toxic species. After more than a lot of death and conflict, Swango was caught, and confessed to killing three of the patients. Today, Swango was serving his term at the ADX Florence.

2. Shiro Ishii

Shiro Ishii, the Japanese microbiologist and physician. He was Lieutenant General Unit 731, which is a biological warfare unit during the Sino-Japanese War. Although known as a force and selfish, Ishii excellent schools and placed in the Army Hospital to-1 in Toyko. People who monitor him very impressed, and he received a post-graduate medical education at Kyoto Imperial University. In 1942, Ishii started tests on germ warfare by using bombs, guns, and other methods. He tested POW virus in China and in the civil. He did at the time of the weapons on the battlefield. In any case, Ishii contain human experiments into his own hands, and said that tens of thousands of people died, because the weapons are affected by Anthrax, cholera, a paste, and others. He also did experiments on other people, such as forced abortions, simulating a heart attack, stroke, hypothermia, and frostbite, and even vivisections.

1. Josef Mengele

As a German SS officer and Nazi doctor, Josef Mengele probably the best known names in this list. It is known as the "Angel of Death" or even "Satan's Beauty," Mengele was a doctor primarily responsible for determining the best resistance to keep the labor force, and is too weak and need to be killed. Mengele chose not only the fate of millions, he is widely known as the human experiment. At Auschwitz, Mengele is very interested in learning more about heredity and often do experiments on twins. It is said that he brought 10 of them, put them to sleep and then used chloroform to kill them and dissect their bodies to compare. He also attempted two twins that are sewn together with their blood vessels to create Siamese twins. In addition to these experiments, it is also an experiment on how to change eye color with dye injected into the iris, amputate a member of the body and try to stick them back, and the sterilization of women.

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