Thursday, January 27, 2011

The second traces found in Yogyakarta UFO

SHAPE circle mysteries that are found in the hamlet Wanujoyo, Yogyakarta yesterday.

YOGYAKARTA, Indonesia - yet subsided fuss about crop circles that is believed to trace unidentified flying objects (UFO) in Sleman, yesterday, citizens of Yogyakarta again shocked by the discovery of another mysterious circle, several newspapers reported yesterday.
The second mystery is the circle of the new geometric patterns found in the hamlet of Wanujoyo Kidul, Desa Srimartani Piyungan District, Bantul, Yogyakarta.
It is located five kilometers from the first circle that found in rice fields in Sleman, but its size is smaller.
"I was looking for grass, I see a lot of rice is gently sloping and forming a circle," said a young Harjono, who discovered the mystery of the circle pattern.
It is believed to be formed more than five days under the collapsed portion of rice have started standing.
More surprisingly, rice is also not broken down.
According to a local Tukijo, 53, who lives in a distance of about 100 meters from the peculiar pattern was found, he did not hear voices or see the light before the ring was found.
"There were no signs of unusual before the circle was found," he said.
The area is now fenced off by police lines to avoid being trampled by the crowd-band Majesty arrived because he wanted to see the phenomenon.
Meanwhile, thousands of people flooded the Sleman district yesterday just to see for themselves the mystery of the first circle.
The circle has a pattern like a flower with an area of about 70 meters.
It is now the focus of the public that the police had to fence off the area with yellow tape to prevent the trampling of the circle by the public.
Several dealers sell the painting circle mystery in Sleman, Yogyakarta yesterday.
Some villagers in Sleman also took the opportunity to charge the people who came out to see a mystery.
Jogotirto village chief, was found a peculiar pattern, Guntur Purwanto said, the circle appears in the middle of rice fields on Sunday.
Among those present yesterday, and also gives an opinion on the form is some space agency officials from Indonesia, astronomers and officials of the nuclear agency.
All of them, however, agreed it was not due to a mysterious UFO.

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